Selection History

11/15/20203TP ML CLE/TB/BAL +174NFLLoss
11/15/20203TT (6 pt.) SEA +8.5/O44.5 LV/O42.5 LAC +160NFLWIN
11/15/2020Under 46 HOU vs. CLE -110NFLWIN
11/14/2020ARK +17.5 -110 vs. FLACFBLoss
11/14/2020Over 61 -110 NEV vs. New Mexico itCFBLoss
11/14/20201H NEV -9.5 -120 vs. New Mexico *Half UnitCFBLoss
11/12/2020IND +2.5 -110 vs. TNNFLWIN
11/9/2020Under 42.5 NE Vs. NYJ -110NFLLoss
11/8/20204TP ML HOU/PIT/ARI/TB +201NFLLoss
11/7/2020Kansas State +13 -120 vs. OKL StateCFBWIN
11/7/20201H Georgia State -10 -110 vs. UL-MonroeCFBWIN
11/7/2020Liberty +17 -110 vs. Va. TechCFBWIN
11/7/2020Over 57 -110 Appalachian State vs. TXSTCFBLoss
11/7/2020Over 61 -110 Tulane vs. ECUCFBLoss
11/6/2020In Game 1H BYU -6.5 -168CFBWIN
11/6/2020In Game 1H BYU -10.5 -119CFBWIN
11/1/2020PIT +4 -120 vs. BALNFLWIN
11/1/2020GB -6 -110 vs. MINNFLLoss
10/31/2020Arkansas +14.5 -110 vs. Texas A&MCFBWIN
10/31/2020Michigan State +25 -110 vs. Michigan *Entered 10/27CFBWIN
10/31/2020BC +31.5 -110 vs. Clemson *Entered 10/27CFBWIN
10/30/2020In Game Tulsa -9.5 -119CFBLoss
10/27/2020LAD to WIN WS +450 *Entered 7/23 Less TB +185 HedgeMLBWIN
10/26/2020Under 45 -120 CHI vs. LAR *Half UnitNFLWIN
10/26/2020CHI +6 -110 vs. LARNFLLoss
10/25/20203TT (6.5 pt.) PIT +8/CAR +13/LAC -1 +140NFLWIN
10/24/2020Over 55 -110 HOU vs. Navy Less *Half Unit 2H Hedge U27.5 Hou/NavyCFBWIN
10/24/2020Over 71.5 Tulane vs. UCF -110CFBWIN
10/24/20202H Over 29 NCS vs. UNC -110CFBWIN
10/24/2020Over 60 NCS vs. UNC -110CFBWIN
10/23/2020SPLIT F5 U4/U 7.5 runs TB vs. LADMLBLoss
10/23/2020Illinois +21 -120 vs. WisconsinCFBLoss
10/19/2020In Game Under 47.5 ARI vs. DAL -114NFLLoss
10/19/2020In Game ARI -1.5 -117 vs. DALNFLWIN
10/18/2020LAD to Win the NLCS +160 *Entered 9/29. Less ATL +140 gm. 7 HedgeMLBWIN
10/18/2020GB -1 -110 vs. TBNFLLoss
10/18/20203TP ML BAL/MIA/NE -103NFLLoss
10/17/2020Boston College +13 -120 vs. Va. TechCFBLoss
10/17/2020Alabama -4 -110 vs. GeorgiaCFBWIN
10/17/20202H Over 33.5 Ole Miss vs. ARK -110 *Half UnitCFBWIN
10/17/2020In Game Under 69.5 -117 Ole Miss vs. ARK *Half UnitCFBWIN
10/17/2020USC +4 -120 vs. AUB Less *Half Unit 2H Hedge AUB -2CFBWIN
10/17/20202H Liberty -1 -115 vs. Syracuse *Half UnitCFBWIN
10/17/2020Liberty -2.5 -110 vs. SyracuseCFBWIN
10/16/20202H Houston +3.5 -115 vs. BYU *Half UnitCFBLoss
10/15/2020Ga. State +3.5 -120CFBLoss
10/14/2020Coastal Carolina +7.5 -110 vs. UL LafayetteCFBWIN
10/12/2020Over 3.5 runs Houston -130MLBLoss
10/11/20202TT (6 pt.) KC -5/CIN +18.5 -125NFLLoss
10/10/20202TT (6 pt.) SYR +7.5/TEX +8.5 -105CFBLoss
10/10/2020Over 58 FLA vs. TEX A&M -110CFBWIN
10/8/2020NYY -130 vs. TBMLBWIN
10/8/2020Over 9 runs NYY vs. TB -105MLBLoss
10/4/2020LA Rams -13 -110 vs. WashingtonNFLLoss
10/4/2020Over 54 SEA vs. MIA -110NFLPush
10/3/20204TP FLA ML/VaT ML/MSU ML/LA Rams -13 +192CFBLoss
10/3/20202H Kentucky -3 -110 *Half UnitCFBLoss
10/3/20202TT (7 pt.) Ole Miss +13/AUB +14 -120CFBLoss
10/1/2020In Game SPLIT O10.5 & O11.5 runs CWS vs. OAKMLBLoss
9/30/2020NYY -122 vs. CLEMLBWIN
9/30/2020Under 8 runs MIA vs. CHC -125MLBLoss
9/30/2020F5 Under 3.5 runs CWS vs. OAK +100MLBLoss
9/30/2020MIN -180 To Win Wild Card Series w/ HOU *Entered 9/29MLBLoss
9/28/20202TT (Mixed) Army +19 (6 pt.)/KC +8.5 (5 pt.) -105 *Entered 9/26MIXWIN
9/28/2020TB To Win Stanley Cup -110 *Entered 9/21NHLWIN
9/27/20203TT (7 pt.) HOU +10.5/PHI +2/CAR +13 +120NFLWIN
9/26/20202H CIN -4.5 -110 vs. ArmyCFBWIN
9/26/2020Under 77.5 UCF vs. ECU -110CFBLoss
9/26/20201H UCF -16.5 -110 vs. ECUCFBWIN
9/24/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs HOU vs. TEX -115MLBLoss
9/20/2020F5 Under 7 runs LAD vs. COL -120MLBWIN
9/20/2020Under 44.5 TN vs JAX -110NFLLoss
9/20/20202TT (6 pt.) PIT -0.5/MIN +9.5 -125NFLLoss
9/20/20203TP ML GB/BAL/KC +129NFLWIN
9/19/2020USF +24.5 -110 vs. NDCFBLoss
9/17/2020TB to Win Series vs. NYY -175 * Entered 9/7NHLWIN
9/17/2020MIN -173 vs. CWSMLBLoss
9/15/2020Denver +7.5 -110 vs. LA ClippersNBAWIN
9/14/2020Under 45 PIT vs. NYG -110NFLWIN
9/13/2020Arizona +7 -110 vs. SFNFLWIN
9/13/20203TP ML NE/BAL/BUF +125NFLWIN
9/12/2020LAD -145 vs. HoustonMLBLoss
9/12/2020Coastal Carolina +7 -110 vs. KansasCFBWIN
9/12/20206TP ML UNC/App St/FSU/ND/Army/TUL +103CFBLoss
9/12/20201H Under 35 Syracuse vs. UNC -110CFBWIN
9/11/2020F5 St. Louis +110 vs. CincinnatiMLBLoss
9/10/2020VGK -160 vs. DallasNHLLoss
9/10/2020Under 5.5 goals Dallas vs. VGK -130NHLWIN
9/10/2020UAB +14 -110 vs. MiamiCFBLoss
9/10/2020Over 10.5 runs ATL vs. WAS -120MLBWIN
9/09/2020Baltimore +163 vs. NYMMLBLoss
9/09/2020F5 Under 5 runs ARI vs. LAD -115MLBLoss
9/08/2020CLE -1.5 runs -105 vs. KCMLBLoss
9/08/2020CWS -125 vs. PITMLBLoss
9/07/20202H BYU -1 -110 vs. NavyCFBWIN
9/07/2020Navy +1.5 vs. BYUCFBLoss
9/07/2020TB -140 vs. NYINHLWIN
9/07/2020Seattle -150 vs. TexasMLBWIN
9/06/2020Seattle -126 vs. TexasMLBWIN
9/05/2020LAD SPLIT ML/RL vs. COLMLBLoss
9/05/20202TP ATL ML/CWS RL +127MLBLoss
9/05/20202H Army -0.5 pts. -110 vs. MTSUCFBWIN
9/04/2020SF SPLIT ML/RL vs. ARIMLBLoss
9/04/2020LAD -1.5 runs -125 vs. COLMLBWIN
9/04/2020F5 Pittsburgh +160 vs. CincinnatiMLBLoss
9/03/2020SD -138 vs. LAAMLBLoss
9/03/2020LAD -1.5 runs -150 vs. ARIMLBWIN
9/03/2020Toronto -128 vs. BostonMLBWIN
9/02/2020Over 6 goals Colorado vs. Dallas -125NHLLoss
9/01/2020CWS -110 vs. MINMLBLoss
9/01/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs STL vs. CIN -110MLBLoss
9/01/2020Denver PK -120 vs. UtahNBAWIN
9/01/2020F5 Under 5.5 runs CHC vs. PIT -120MLBLoss
9/01/20202TP LAD/HOU -106MLBLoss
9/01/2020Toronto ML -120 vs. BostonNBALoss
8/31/2020Over 6 goals Dallas vs. Colorado -115NHLWIN
8/31/2020Dallas +120 vs. ColoradoNHLLoss
8/31/2020TB -120 vs. BostonNHLWIN
8/31/2020F5 Atlanta -0.5 runs -135 vs. BostonMLBWIN
8/30/2020LAD -197 vs. TEXMLBWIN
8/30/2020LAD -1.5 runs vs. TEX -135MLBWIN
8/29/2020CWS SPLIT ML/RL vs. KCMLBLoss
8/29/2020MIN SPLIT ML/RL vs. DETMLBLoss
8/28/2020LAD -1.5 runs -145 vs. TEXMLBLoss
8/28/20202TP CLE/LAD +161MLBLoss
8/28/2020F5 Under 6 runs SD vs. Col -108MLBLoss
8/26/2020OAK -135 vs. TEXMLBWIN
8/26/2020Dallas +120 vs. ColoradoNHLLoss
8/26/20201P Colorado -125NHLLoss
8/25/2020Over 220 DEN vs. UTH -110NBAWIN
8/25/2020UTH -2.5 vs. DEN -110NBALoss
8/25/20201P TB -110NHLPush
8/24/2020CIN vs MIL -135MLBLoss
8/24/2020NY Islanders vs. Philadelphia -105NHLWIN
8/24/2020TB Split ML/RL vs TorontoMLBLoss
8/24/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs KC vs STL -115MLBLoss
8/20/20202TP CLE/LAD +103MLBWIN
8/20/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs DET vs. CWS -115MLBLoss
8/19/20202TP CLE vs. LAD +122MLBLoss
8/19/2020Under 5.5 goals STL vs VAN -135NHLLoss
8/18/20202TP VGK/MIN +147MIXWIN
8/18/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs TB vs NYYMLBLoss
8/18/2020F5 Under 5.5 runs WAS vs.ATL -120MLBLoss
8/18/2020Oakland -145 vs ArizonaMLBLoss
8/16/2020Under 5 goals PHI vs. MON +115NHLWIN
8/16/20201P PHI -125 vs. MONNHLWIN
8/16/2020F5 SD -125 vs. ARIMLBLoss
8/14/2020F5 Under 7 runs TEX vs. COL +100MLBWIN
8/14/2020Over 10 runs TB vs. TOR -120MLBWIN
8/13/2020BAL +180 vs. PHIMLBWIN
8/13/20203TP ML CIN/PHX/VGK +179MIXLoss
8/12/2020Oakland -105MLBWIN
8/12/2020F5 COL -120MLBPush
8/12/2020CWS -128 vs. DETMLBWIN
8/12/2020CWS F5 -128 vs. DETMLBWIN
8/11/2020F5 Under 6.5 runs ARI vs. COL -120MLBWIN
8/11/2020Calgary -105 vs. DallasNHLWIN
8/10/2020Colorado -130 vs. ArizonaMLBLoss
8/10/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs MIL -105MLBLoss
8/9/2020F5 Under 4 runs LAA vs. TEX -115MLBLoss
8/9/2020F5 Under 3.5 runs CLE vs. CWS -105MLBWIN
8/9/2020F5 Under 3.5 runs CIN vs. MIL -100MLBWIN
8/9/2020F5 Under 4 runs HOU vs. OAK -110MLBLoss
8/8/2020F5 Under 5 runs CLE vs. CWS -120MLBLoss
8/8/2020F5 Under 4 runs ARI vs. SD -155MLBWIN
8/8/2020F5 Under 5.5 runs BAL vs. WAS -110MLBWIN
8/8/2020VGK +100NHLWIN
8/8/2020F5 Under 4.5 run HOU vs. OAK +100MLBWIN
8/7/2020Over 8.5 runs COL vs. SEA -105MLBWIN
8/7/2020OKC -4 -110NBALoss
8/7/2020MIN -139MLBLoss
8/7/2020LAD -1.5 runs -133MLBWIN
8/7/2020EDM vs CHI Over 6.5 goals +100NHLLoss
8/7/2020Under 8.5 runs CLE vs. CWS -110MLBWIN
8/7/2020CBJ +145NHLLoss
8/7/2020Toronto -1.5NBALoss
8/6/2020Oakland -140MLBWIN
8/6/2020MIN -1.5 runs -115MLBLoss
8/6/2020Colorado -180MLBWIN
8/6/2020F5 Under 5 runs TOR/ATL -110MLBWIN
8/6/2020Under 8.5 runs CLE/CIN -115MLBLoss
8/6/20202TP MIN/CHC +146MLBLoss
8/5/20202TP MIN (MLB) / TOR (NBA) +111MixedWIN
8/5/2020Over 6.5 goals EDM vs. CHI -105NHLWIN
8/5/2020CWS -115MLBLoss
8/5/2020Under 8.5 runs CLE vs. CIN -105MLBWIN
8/5/2020TB -137MLBLoss
8/5/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs CLE vs. CIN -110MLBWIN
8/5/2020F5 Under 4.5 runs CHC vs. KC +100MLBWIN
8/5/2020F5 MIN -150MLBWIN
8/5/2020Washington -160MLBLoss
8/5/2020NYY Gm. #1 -125MLBLoss
8/4/2020F5 Under 4 runs CLE vs. CIN -110MLBWIN
8/4/2020Under 5.5 goals MIN vs. VAN -135NHLLoss
8/4/2020Cleveland -160MLBWIN
8/4/2020Under 8 runs CLE vs. CIN -110MLBWIN
8/4/2020LAD -125MLBWIN
8/4/2020Baltimore -125MLBLoss
8/4/2020F5 Under 4 runs TEX vs. OAK -110MLBWIN
8/4/2020F5 Under 4 runs CHC vs. KC -110MLBLoss
8/4/2020Houston -125MLBWIN
8/4/2020Toronto -145NHLWIN
8/4/2020Nashville -135NHLWIN
8/4/2020Calgary -145NHLWIN
8/4/2020Under 225 IND vs. Orlando -110NBALoss
8/3/2020VGK -133NHLWIN
8/3/2020Under 8.5 runs CLE/CIN -120MLBWIN
8/3/2020F5 Under 4 runs NYM vs. ATL -105MLBLoss
8/1/20202TP CIN/TB +127MLBLoss
7/31/2020Atlanta -129MLBWIN
7/31/2020CWS -155MLBWIN
7/30/2020Cleveland +110MLBWIN
7/30/2020F5 Under 5 runs TB vs. Atlanta -110MLBWIN
7/30/2020Over 9 runs SEA vs. LAA +100MLBWIN

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