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A Note From Ken:

Whatever your experience level in the world of sports betting, we can help you. Whether you are a professional wanting an additional resource or you are a complete beginner trying to chart your path to fun and success betting sports, we can be a difference maker for you.

We are unquestionably a data driven enterprise, yet we are also very aware of more subjective nuances of professional handicapping that often are the difference between winning and losing.

Winning is our passion! I invite you to enjoy the fun!

The subscription is $195 USD, made in one annual non-refundable payment.

You will generally receive 3-5 selections each day. They will be flagged with either a check mark ✔which indicates a basic selection or a star ★ which indicates a higher rated selection. Site visitors should note that Ken’s written analysis on multiple selections may be seen by simply clicking on the selection itself, found in the Selection History above. Subscribers will of course receive that written analysis prior to the game starting.  

The number of selections is a function of the number of games in which we feel there is a significant edge, rather than a predetermined number of releases. There will occasionally be days where no games are released for that same reason.

We cannot guarantee that you will win. Ken historically has won 58-60% of his selections, which is an extremely high win rate for this industry. There will be losing weeks and even losing months; it simply is the inherent nature of sports betting. The expectation however is that anyone residing in a U.S. jurisdiction where sports betting is legal and uses Ken’s selections in tandem with proper money management protocols; will make a long-term profit. 

We provide insight on all mainstream U.S. sports to include the NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and MLB. Occasionally there may be releases in the PGA, Soccer and even Tennis when warranted.

Yes. Everyone that visits this site will have access to an educational library about multiple topics related to sports betting. These audio, video, and written lessons are targeted for individuals who may be entering sports betting for the first time and have questions about how to understand and successfully navigate through the industry.

Sports betting is now legal in 22 states.

For a full list of states that allow sports betting, click here.

Ken made the decision to offer a Selection Subscription Service  to the general public because he wanted to share his knowledge with a growing marketplace of sports bettors that are new to the industry. He is in it for the long haul and helping educate the tsunami of new sports bettors that are evolving as states legalize sports wagering, is something he is passionate about.

Ken wanted to price this product at a level that would be affordable for bettors that may be working with a very modest bankroll. 

The upside from a business perspective is that the very low cost will help drive the growth of a large community of long term clients.

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